How To Open A Business In Downtown Natchez

Downtown Natchez is currently home to dozens of businesses, including restaurants, retail shops, hotels, personal services, and professional offices. The Downtown Natchez Alliance (DNA) works hard to maintain an environment in which businesses can thrive. Opening a Downtown business is simple, as summarized in the steps outlined in our helpful guide!

Step 1

Develop A Business Plan

Among the various resources for preparing a business plan are the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Mississippi State University.

Step 2

Secure Needed Funding

Natchez has several financial institutions, including locally- owned institutions located in Downtown Natchez.

Step 3

Select A Business Location

DNA’s website includes an inventory of available building space, and the County’s GIS Geoportal provides info, with an interactive map.

Step 4

Confirm Correct Zoning

DNA’s website features a zoning map for Downtown, as well as a link to the City’s zoning codes.

Step 5

Check design regulations

In addition to the basic underlying “base zoning,” Downtown Natchez benefits from the historic “overlay zoning” that addresses design issues.

Step 6

Licenses, Permits & Taxes

Requirements may exist at the local, state and federal levels for the location address you selected. A City privilege license is one example.

Step 7

Utilities & Services

Any new business within downtown must plan for the same types of basic utilities and services, such as electricity, gas, sewer, water, and telecommunications.


Step 8

Find Business Resources

Businesses within Downtown are fortunate to have a variety of resources to help their businesses succeed, including economic data, DNA’s Market Analysis & Strategy, and financial incentives.