How To Open A Business In Downtown Natchez

Step 3. Select A Business Location

There are currently a variety of building spaces within Downtown Natchez for new businesses to consider. The best two ways to learn about these spaces are the Adams County Geoportal system and the Downtown Natchez Alliance (DNA) Building Inventory.

Adams County Geoportal

This internet-based system utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) data in which an interactive Map (see example at right) is linked to detailed information on each parcel. Individual parcels can be Accessed by a variety of means, including clicking onto the inter- active map or entering the address, parcel number, or owner’s name. Available information for each parcel includes the following:

  • Street address and parcel number
  • Parcel size
  • Owner information
  • Current use
  • Square footage by floor
  • Year built
  • Construction type and utilities

When you go the the Adams County Geoportal, follow the next steps listed below to get started:

  • Click “Agree” to continue
  • Using the “Layers” tab you can check the boxes for 2018 Aerial Imagery.
  • Also in the Layers tab, under “City of Natchez layers” you will find the “zoning” box.
  • Use the search box to key in your address or use your mouse to manually search for properties.

DNA Building Inventory

This inventory of existing Downtown buildings is organized by street and address. It is periodically updated and includes the following:

  • Street address
  • Current use
  • Description
  • Assessed value
  • Square footage
  • Year built
  • Number of floors