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Balcony, Awning, & Façade Stabilization Incentive Grant Program

The purpose of DNA’s Incentive Grant Program is to stimulate investment and overall revitalization within the Historic Downtown Natchez Main Street District by reconstructing original balconies, installing awnings, and stabilizing facades.

• Application Deadline: Friday, August 2, 2024, 5:00 PM CST

• Applications may be submitted by Tenants or Property Owners.

• The program may fund up to 75% of approved project costs.

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Your Return on Investment

We began this journey together with a shared vision and a $100,000 community-funded Downtown Master Plan. Today, Downtown Natchez is the beneficiary of a $24.57 MILLION federal grant to rebuild transportation-related infrastructure throughout downtown. The Forks to Freedom Corridor will positively and permanently transform our downtown. That’s a 150% annualized return on investment in six years time.  

That’s a ROI we can ALL be proud of! 

You are the Future of Downtown

So far, 2024 has been a year of many “wins” for the Downtown Natchez Alliance, none of which could have happened without you, our steadfast supporters.


City of Natchez

Mississippi Main Street Association


American Plan & Build

The Eola Hotel

Melinda & Fred Kent

Paul & Susan Meng

Triple S Foundation

Our 2024 Track Record

The $24.57 Million Federal RAISE Grant for the Forks to Freedom corridor, thanks to our city and federal officials.

Our $161,400 ARPA Incentive Grant Program for Downtown Balcony, Awning, & Façade Stabilization projects launched in June.

    Our $362,000 MMSRG Grant, plus the $90,500 city match, awarded this summer, to construct the Depot Bluff Park.

The $1M federal appropriation for construction of Revels Plaza and US Colored Troops Memorial, thanks to our city and federal officials

    Ongoing programs and market studies, e.g., DNA’s recent Real Estate Game Plan program to match vacant buildings to market opportunities.

   With the City of Natchez, managing the 2024  Downtown Transportation Study

Meet Our Downtown Director

Kevin Miers, a veteran of Downtown Natchez’s business community, is director of the Downtown Natchez Alliance (DNA).  He leads the organization’s administrative, programmatic, and downtown revitalization efforts in collaboration with the city and other downtown-centric organizations.

Natchez Checklist: Click to download

“These are exciting times in Natchez! A thriving downtown is at the heart of my vision for the Natchez Renewal, and it’s happening. You can literally feel the energy as you walk our beautiful downtown streets and enjoy our shops, restaurants, galleries, and music venues. I am committed to our city’s award-winning Downtown Master Plan and our partnership with Mississippi Main Street and the Downtown Natchez Alliance. This means continued growth and rejuvenation of our historic downtown!”

Dan M. Gibson

Mayor, The Historic City of Natchez

Hiram Revels Plaza at MLK Triangle

One of the most important ideas for this sub-area plans listed in the Downtown Master Plan is the transformation of the triangular space that gives the area its name into a great civic space. The site is owned by the Zion Chapel AME Church and features a historic two-story brick building anchoring the site’s west end with concrete paving on the balance to accommodate parking. Below are primary objectives for the site, subject to the church’s agreement:

• Retain and rehabilitate the existing historic structure
• Retain the business occupying the historic structure
• Eliminate the parking on the triangle, but insure nearby alternative parking
• Redesign and redevelop the triangle into a great civic space

Signing Ceremony Paves Way For Anchor Of MLK Triangle

On January 25, 2024, Zion Chapel A.M.E. Church and The City of Natchez held a signing ceremony for the official donation of a portion of the church-owned M.L.K. Triangle property to the City for the future development of Hiram Rhodes Revels Plaza.

The City of Natchez, Zion Chapel A.M.E. and the Downtown Natchez Alliance jointly spearhead the creation of Revels Plaza Project, which is one of the 3 key anchors of the City’s Downtown Master Plan that was approved by the Board of Aldermen in May 2018.

Honored by American Planning Association as Mississippi’s 2018 Most Outstanding Project

The city’s Downtown Master Plan is a comprehensive program to boost downtown retail, art, and entertainment, consistent with the city’s historic preservation goals, from the River and the Bluff to our traditional 19th century African-American business district. Go to the Executive Summary page or download the full plan proposal to learn more.

Our Mission

The Downtown Natchez Alliance (DNA) is a non-profit entity organized to advance Downtown Natchez as a vibrant commercial and cultural district consistent with the city’s award-winning Downtown Master Plan and the national Main Street Approach, a time-tested framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization of historic downtowns.