Take The Downtown Survey!

The Downtown Natchez Alliance is working with the Mississippi Main Street Association on our strategic plan for 2022-23. The survey takes 5 minutes and the information you share will feed into our downtown revitalization strategy for the coming year. HURRY, SURVEY WILL BE CLOSING SOON.

What Can DNA & MS Main Street Do for Natchez?

To learn what DNA and Mississippi Main Street can do for Natchez, join us for a free public presentation by Jennifer Lay, Community Development Director with the Mississippi Main Street Association, on COMING SOON! This presentation is Free and open to the public.

“These are exciting times in Natchez! A thriving downtown is at the heart of my vision for the Natchez Renewal, and it’s happening. You can literally feel the energy as you walk our beautiful downtown streets and enjoy our shops, restaurants, galleries, and music venues. I am committed to our city’s award-winning Downtown Master Plan and our partnership with Mississippi Main Street and the new Downtown Natchez Alliance. This means continued growth and rejuvenation of our historic downtown!”

Dan M. Gibson

Mayor, The Historic City of Natchez

Hiram Revels Plaza at MLK Triangle

Honored by American Planning Association as Mississippi’s 2018 Most Outstanding Project

The city’s Downtown Master Plan is a comprehensive program to boost downtown retail, art, and entertainment, consistent with the city’s historic preservation goals, from the River and the Bluff to our traditional 19th century African-American business district. Go to the Executive Summary page or download the full plan proposal to learn more.

Our Mission

The Downtown Natchez Alliance (DNA) is a non-profit entity organized to advance Downtown Natchez as a vibrant commercial and cultural district consistent with the city’s award-winning Downtown Master Plan and the national Main Street Approach, a time-tested framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization of historic downtowns.