Top Of The Morning: April 19th

Top Of The Morning - Natchez Democrat

April 19, 2024

Destination Downtown: Let’s Keep Natchez Blooming

Read the full article by Michael Wilson on the Natchez Democrat Website:

The latest Y’all Means All event coming up this weekend in Downtown Natchez has Natchez “blooming” with anticipation.  Blooming By The River, described as a floral and gardeners’ haven, is taking place this weekend at Choctaw Hall and First Presbyterian Church, and promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees.  Michael Gray is the event chairperson and past president of Y’all Means All Natchez, a 501c3 organization whose goal is solely to raise money to support expanded mental health services in Southwest Mississippi. Michael shared with me that the event began as part of a broader mission to bring together the community and utilize the natural beauty of Natchez to support mental health …

Top Of The Morning: March 8th

Top Of The Morning: March 8th

Destination Downtown: Traffic Flow, Why One-Way or the Other When You Can Have Both? READ THE FULL ARTICLE BY MICHAEL WILSON ON THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT WEBSITE: When it comes to traffic flow in Downtown Natchez, why have it one-way or the other when you can have both?...

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